Once upon a time I was called in from play as a young child to watch ‘Dark Shadows’ while other tots were watching Sesame Street. My fascination with mystery grew with me and my imagination quickly became my best friend. My curiosities and passion have given me great insight and a gift of storytelling learned only in real time, in real life, in the hand of the author. Come for a midnight stroll down a moonlit road and tell me what you’re looking for in that dark forest up ahead.



Eleanor is an imaginary writer of mysterious things.  I met her years ago on a Halloween forum through a Vampire name generator.  Shes been with me ever since.  I am her and she is me.  We become they as she introduces  the writings of several ghost writers by spirit of  what is written.   Eleanor is not a ghost writer. I am. 

I have a forever crush on horror writer Stephen King.   It has always been a dream of mine to actually stalk him. I’m just teasing.  Some call it an obsession.  Maybe it is. I believe that if we believe in something completely with a passion, even if it doesn’t exist, we ultimately create it.      

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