You Invited Me

Aaah she  had promised herself she would limit her time on the internet, but instead was spending countless hours more there lately, much more than ever. Research for a Halloween thread in a forum had taken her and her best friend Manda to some pretty gruesome sites. 

She was about to head to bed where she could lie awake, dreaming of dirty passion, but her urge to log into the Stephen King website won her over once again. 

Manda was logged into her new Eleanor Christian screen name, she clicked on it to check out the dark and lovely photos they chose earlier for the profiles. Becca had yet to create her Belladonna Vladimir to match it.

 A recent vampire story in a forum had led them to a vampire name generator and they agreed to play with these new names for upcoming Halloween. She logged out of the SK website and created her new vampire screen name. She could be who she wanted to be and tonight, she is Belladonna Vladimir.

She wasn’t logged in for more than 5 minutes when her message box popped up. She knew it had to be Manda , the new Eleanor,  but,   it wasn’t. It was from someone named Dark Shadow. It read  ‘Good evening Belladonna, how are you doing tonight?’   Hmmnn… a screen name she’d never seen before, but she liked it!  She didn’t respond though, maybe later.


Suddenly the ding sounded that she had received an instant email message from Dark Shadow.  It did slightly chill her,  not everyone had her email to reach her by. The message simply read ‘The passion and all the pain are one’ .  She liked it, but who was saying it?  

Becca sat waiting  for another reply.  Soon another one came …  ‘Belladonna, I cant get you out of  my mind now its too late.   She eyed the dark maiden avatar  by the name, thinking.  

She typed in ‘Ok,  but tell me something about you,  first ‘ .  Ah the reply back was very instant but not revealing  ….   ‘ I have something creepy for you’.   ‘Hmmnn, Ill bet you do ‘, she thought….  knowing she was an SK mental ward
 nut attraction and this was one of them.    

No reply followed this last message and she soon felt a chill come over her, like an  icy finger caressing along the back of her neck,  just trailing ever so slightly , ever so slowly, but of course there wasn’t.  She waited.


She glanced again at the messages from Dark Shadow. She typed in ‘So, who,  really,  is this?’ A message came back…. ‘You have seen me in your darkest dreams.’ She had that creepy  sensation that there was something, or someone,  behind her, casting a shadow.


She glanced over her shoulder again but nothing was there. She was about to shut off her computer when another message came….’Feel that chill, Rebecca ?’  Ah  they knew her name.  She was getting an idea of who this might be.  


Another reply from Dark Shadow popped up …. ‘I know about you. I know what you do.  Im the one who knows what you need. I’m the one who has what you want’.  

She quickly checked back into the SK website to see if Manda was there and she still wasn’t so she left her a message.

She reached to turn off the computer when another new message came …  ‘Sleeping in the fire of  your passion soon.. ‘oh how sweet is that!’ she whispered to the screen, loving the idea of it, but she needed some sleep.    She turned it off and headed for bed.


( Right click right now to  ( Sleep in the Fire )  ; )  (go to ‘open in  a new window’ and minimize, then read the rest while you listen , to feel the story  ; )


All was quiet but the tick tock of a clock.  It was just a short while later that Becca sat right up in the bed in panic when she thought she heard the sound of the messenger again.

She raised up and sat still for a minute listening to only the sound of the clock. She wrapped a blanket around her and started down the hallway toward the den slowly knowing she had turned it off.


 She could see the glow of the monitor before she even reached the room.

She slowly made her way into the room and walked toward the computer , slowly. The message on the screen read….’Don’t sleep darling’.


She pulled the plug out of the wall this time and was headed back to her bedroom when she heard the message ding again and so she just froze,  just for  a minute.


She then ran back to the computer and typed madly into it …’What the HELL do you WANT?’!!!! The reply  …..  Well, it was just one little word ….. ‘You’.   She stared at the screen.  

She felt another cold chill more  like breath on the back of her neck when she screamed and turned quickly to see a very beautiful woman standing there.  Elegant and graceful.  She wore a beautiful hooded dark cloak of another time long past.


 She had seen this woman before What lies beneath the beautiful dark  screen names she and Manda had created greets her.  Its who they wanted to be, and tonite, they were  Belladonna Vladimir and Eleanor Christian. 

She grabbed Becca  very roughly and abruptly and threw her to the floor and jumped on top of her.    

A growl of a dark hunger as she leaned in tasting her breath.  Becca cried out but couldn’t move,  the moist sound of teeth biting into her neck was louder than  the scream that escaped her.

  The beautiful creature with a touch of evil she had summoned when she took her name. All faded to black.  It was chilling and horrifying.  It was as deadly passionate as she had always wrote that it would be.

The last thing Becca ever heard was in a growling whisper….  into her ear … mmm   ‘You invited me’ . 

Meanwhile, around 4:00 am in a small southern gothic town in   Georgia, Manda had logged back into her new vampire screen name and had received a message from someone called Dark Shadow ….      ‘ mmm Good evening Eleanor,    how  are you  doing ?’

this short story was written exclusively by Amanda Rose and Introduces Eleanor. ; )



8 thoughts on “You Invited Me

    1. Thank you . ; ) I followed the link, and then the story link which leads to and begins at Part 27 of Wolf of Morava, is that the beginning, to begin at part 27 and then go backward, and downward thru the other parts,? I know that might be intentional, but I don’t want to start reading it, completely backwards if, that’s not the intended idea of it. Okay, I will drop this photo I told you reminded me of Hector at you r page at SK cause I don’t have another way here to send it to you . ; )


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