A Grave Mistake




There once was a Belligerent Imposter That Cursed Herself.  She began with cruel intentions to Follow a man whose Memorial she had desecrated with her words.  A man she didn’t even know. A man she would soon not ever forget following a Grave Mistake.




It was Once upon a time & not so long ago there was a dark & lovely community of readers & writers brought together for the love of their favorite horror writer.  It was for the Love of him & his works  that each of them had found their way there.  A Genuine warmth from most within in its walls would keep them there.



It had been almost 5  years since Jake passed away. The activity of the profile page he once held so dear had sadly frozen in time marking his departure. It had become a Memorial of course where friends could still visit in Remembrance & pay Respect in comments, in whatever way they felt like doing it.  It was no different than visiting a grave but one of words, photographs & music.




Jake had been a most Devoted & Cherished member of that website for many years, Adored by, well,  most everyone. A Constant reader, He was also a Rock n Roll storyteller. A wise man. A Scottish gentleman. A scholar. A writer. A musician. A True Friend. He had a little of Something to share with  Everyone he met.




Another member & dear friend Abigail had been making frequent visits to Jake’s page all the while she was compiling a tribute video for him from his music & picture albums. He wanted those things there. She had been compelled by him in mind & memory to do so & was greatly guided in spirit.  Jake Always had a Hand in what he Loved & Everything he stood for, as well as what He wanted done, One way or another.




Unbeknownst to her,  she was Followed there, when late one evening,  mere days before the Anniversary of his demise, a newly created member showed up ‘just’ to visit Jake’s Memorial page. She came to Disrespect him, to scoff & boast  that she came Only to Praise her favorite author &  Not to Bury another member! She then clicked to ‘Follow’ him, & she did, right  into a tale of sweet revenge between life & death.


Abigail laughed to herself when she saw it. Did this girl believe that Abigail had been talking to Herself there all that time? Oooh she must have,  but she was sooo wrong. 


The other Abigail was not Amused.  She watched from the darkest corners of her mind eyeing the profile of the girl intently with rage. She clicked Follow with an evil grin & got right behind her,  beside Jake, whom she knew was already following her too.


She could not hide her identity from the man she chose to Follow. When Abigail returned to his page the next day, Jake revealed the identity of the imposter by display of her ‘real’ screen name,  as her avatar sat all alone in his ‘Followers’ box. ‘Thank you Jake’ she whispered to the screen.    


The other Abigail followed the wicked girl through Dark web magic right down to a virtual rooftop, her very doorstep, & waited for Jake’s story telling inspiration. It didn’t take long. ‘Something sweet for her Abby’ she heard him whisper, ‘but make her skin crawl’, & she would.


6 weeks later …. February 14th ❤  


Evening was about to fall on a little Cape Cod storybook town.  A wicked girl returned home to find a  package had arrived just for her. It was from her Favorite author’s website! The initials were right there in his Big logo letters! When she got to the kitchen table to set it down there was another surprise, a bouquet of the strangest flowers she had ever seen, a bit deadish, but lovely!  ‘Where did these flowers come from?’ she called out. Another voice called back that they were on the doorstep.


She began to open the package & smiled when she saw the black heart shaped box with lettering the exact decor of a ouija board! She lifted the top to find an assortment of dark & white chocolates in the shapes of coffins & femur bones & skeletons!


Several were what appeared to be a confectionary ‘graveyard dirt’.  Mmmmm she tried one, & another. She admired its morbid beauty a while longer before looking to see something else that was still in the package.


It was a postcard, from Scotland. She turned it over to see only a scribble. It looked like it might be a name & surely it was.  She knew whose name it was & her hand began to slightly tremble as she reached inside for the last item.  It was a bit of this very writing. A  little tale of disrespecting the dead, starring Her.  Its possible one or two of the Black Widows nested in the dead flowers had escaped before she grabbed them along with the chocolates & threw them into a garbage bag! 


She jumped into her car & headed down a country road to the nearby dumpster to discard the items.  She noticed a black vehicle creeping up behind her.  It looked like an old hearse & riding her ass very closely.  Never mind the outraged little darlings crawling out of a trash bag in the back seat. The face of the driver was shadowed,  but familiar.


 It was when he passed her & smiled that she actually saw him! A bumper sticker  on the back of the hearse read ‘You Know They Got A Hell of A Band!’


She panicked & instantly drove off the road into a tree, knocking her unconscious.  When she awoke  she was strapped down in the Psychiatric Ward of a hospital with Dr.’s gathered around her at close range, staring curiously at her as she tried to break free Screaming over & over that a dead man was Following her!   Witnesses to the accident  confirmed that No One was ever behind her. 



“The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague.  Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?”    

                 –  Edgar Allan Poe




 The THEME SONG for this Writing is  —->  HERE.    RIP to My Dear Friend.  xoxo
























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